The UMMP Town Girls


Women’s Social Group, The UMMP Town Girls

Announcing our NEW women’s social group that we fondly named, “The UMMP Town Girls.” The name, inspired by the songs “Downtown Funk” by Bruno Mars and Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl,” expresses the enthusiasm of the group and represents a version of our neighborhood’s acronym. Our goal is to build friendships and camaraderie that strengthen our neighborhood experience, and we share the desire to connect, empower and inspire each other through gatherings and meet ups.

We have a closed group on Facebook, where most of the communication happens. Some events are planned and other events are spontaneous.

Want to grab coffee at a local restaurant? How about checking out the new release of that “chick flick”? Need a running partner or looking for a recommendation on a new book to read? This may be your connection to other women in the neighborhood. We’ll also plan regular gatherings at each other’s homes to connect and share stories or just to relax and enjoy the back patio.

Interested? Send an email to, and we’ll add you to our FB group and contact list.

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