Support Our Dallas Police

In line with MPUM’s efforts to express our support for Dallas Police Officers, we are providing production art for everyone who wishes to join us in this program of appreciation.



Simply right-click on the image above and select “download” or “save image” in order to make it available on your local drive in JPEG format.


24 x 17 - Yard Sign

24 x 18 – Yard Sign

The sign dimensions are 24 inches x 18 inches. To download the image as a PDF, ready to print, simply click on the image above.

After accomplishing the download, you can simply forward the PDF to your sign printer. Alternately, you may provide your printer with the address to this page,, and he or she can then download the file directly to the production system.

Address any questions about these files to Gordon Cathey,

Just a helpful suggestion: The lowest-priced yard sign printer we have been able to locate is at Please let us know if you find someone who beats their prices.