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Contact Lisa Lipton at, or you may phone Lisa at 214-563-1064.

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If you would like to have your pet included on this page, please send pictures (prints, slides or digital pictures are all fine) or contact to set up a photo session. Sharing pictures on this page will be enjoyable to the neighborhood but also it will help get lost pets home FAST!

City of Dallas Animal Control Laws

Protect your cats and dogs and make absolutely sure you are in compliance with the City of Dallas Animal Control laws. These laws dictate that all cats and dogs are to be kept inside your home or within your fenced yard. Allowing them to roam freely is dangerous for the pet, is not neighborly and is against the law. If you have an outdoor cat, there are special fences that can be installed inside your yard to keep them on your property.

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Coyotes live here, too! Secure all small pets INDOORS.

coyoteCoyotes have been spotted in our neighborhood and have tragically claimed the lives of some cats and small dogs. All small pets are at risk, so please be advised that you need to bring your pets inside, especially at dusk and during the night.

Animal Control suggests the safer time for pets to be outside would be between the hours of 10:00am and 4:00pm, although there are no guarantees during this time either.

The city does not have the resources to eliminate all coyotes from our city but they do pay attention to “problem coyotes.” Problem coyotes are defined as follows:

  • Coyotes that might be seen during the daytime
  • Coyotes observed to be thin or sickly.
  • Coyotes attacking small cats and dogs.
  • Coyotes eating food in trash cans or food left outside for pets.
  • Coyotes appearing to be aggressive, including jumping fences into backyards, or generally appearing fearless of people.

If you observe or have observed any of this activity in our neighborhood, please send a message to and share your knowledge, along with the address or approximate address where you observed the problem. It will be from these reports that “problem coyotes” can be identified and pinpointed for possible city action.

In the meantime, here are some suggestions from Animal Control to discourage these coyotes from staying in our neighborhood:

  • Keep all small pets safe at dusk and during the night by keeping them INSIDE.
  • Do not leave pet food out at night.
  • Secure food in outside trash cans.
  • Do not leave feed out for wild animals, including raccoons.
  • Maintain any ground cover to eliminate any rodents.
  • Do not leave bird food out at night
  • Report any activity you have observed in order to help us identify “Problem Coyotes”

As news is learned it will be shared with the neighborhood via our neighborhood email list. If you are not subscribed to this list send your email address to and asked to be added to the list.



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