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By MPUM’s Neighborhood Historian, Rose Blatch

Writing in response to a question raised at the November 17, 2012 neighborhood meeting at Hotchkiss Elementary School, I will repeat what appeared in the September 2010 Communicator. The question seemed to be, “Where do I live?” This may help answer that.

“A little known fact is that our neighborhood grew in phases. On the Dallas Central Appraisal District’s books, the neighborhoods noted for the homes in our neighborhood were listed as being: Merriman Park, Merriman Park Addition, Merriman Park Replat, Merriman Park 2nd Inst. Addition, Merriman Manor, Merriman Manor Addition, University Manor, University Manor Addition, Merriman Park/Butler and Turton Addition. Now you know why we simply go by the name of Merriman Park/University Manor.”

MP-UM-MapWhile MPUM was actually built by multiple residential developments, the generally accepted division between the two largest, Merriman Park and University Manor, lies between Arboreal Drive and Town North Drive.

The first houses in the neighborhood were built in University Manor, on Fenton Drive, Wild Valley Drive and Edgerton Drive, in 1954 and 1955. Several rounds of home building in the MPUM area continued through 1967. Newer townhomes were built on Larmanda Street near Abrams Road and in Abrams Court as late as 1979.

The Town North Church, now White Rock Fellowship, was built in 1955. The Seventh Church of Christ, Scientist, in 1960. Hotchkiss Elementary School, 1965.

Historical Documents

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