Facebook and Nextdoor


MPUM has a Facebook page that is open to the public. It can be quite useful in communicating breaking news very quickly.

You should “like” the site and accept notices from it to your own Facebook page.

Yes, there will be general, friendly and fun postings, but we will also use the page for more serious notifications.

Like us at Facebook.com/mpumneighborhood.


Nextdoor.com is a new social networking site for neighborhoods.

It was presented to us by the Dallas Police Department as a neighborhood safety tool, and we are finding that it is actually much more.

While we had long had our own attempt at maintaining online forums for our neighbors on the neighborhood web site, we found that very few people were interested in actually using the forums, which have recently been retired. But the new Nextdoor site is inspiring a lot of new online conversations between the MPUM neighbors. For this one fact, alone, it is a great thing for us.

While the Nextdoor system is nationwide in scope, each neighborhood has its own limited Nextdoor environment. Our postings are visible only to our neighbors within MPUM, to the Northeast Division of the Dallas Police Department, and, optionally, to some nearby neighborhoods that we select.

Outsiders are not welcome. This is not a big public networking site. Rather, this is where we, as neighbors, can connect and discuss many different topics and issues that are of interest to us.

To become a member, you can simply go to the site, enter your home address, and ask to be admitted. You will have to be verified as a resident of our neighborhood and then invited into the group. Even better, send an email request to us at info@mpum.com, and we will issue your official invitation.

Once you are a member of the Nextdoor site, you will have control over how you receive information and communications from the rest of the members.

You can get a more detailed preview of the site and its features just by going to Nextdoor.com.



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