Flash Mob Garage Sales

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    May 6, 2017  |  All day


On Saturday morning many garage sales around MPUM will open almost simultaneously, and we will all share in the large flow of eager buyers.

Our neighborhood association will advertise the sales and will post MANY signs, not only at all the neighborhood entrances, but also at the major intersections within the ‘hood, showing shoppers where the individual sales are located.

Our first two Flash Mob Garage Sales were fun and successful events. We found that the shoppers seemed dedicated to visiting every sale in our neighborhood, even if it took them hours to make the rounds. The Flash Mob brings more shoppers through each sale site than an individual sale would generate on its own.

LET’S CONVERT THOSE OVER-STUFFED CLOSETS INTO SOME EXTRA SPENDING MONEY! Each seller will set his own prices, conduct his own bargaining, and keep his own profits. After taking care of the preliminary requirements, such as obtaining a Dallas Garage Sale Permit, each sale simply opens up on sale day and starts greeting the shoppers. What could be easier?


1. Email your name and address to garagesale@mpum.com and indicate that you intend to take part in the MPUM Flash Mob Sale on May 6. This is very important. We need to know how many sales we can brag about in our promotions, and we need to know where to point our interior signs to direct shoppers to your house.

2. Make a generous donation to the MPUM Neighborhood Association. $20 is a suggested amount, but you should please feel free to donate more if you can afford it. A donation is NOT required for participation in this neighborhood event. Please make your check payable to “MPUM” and mail or hand deliver it to Gordon Cathey (our garage sale organizer), 7311 Wild Valley Drive, Dallas, TX 75231. Gordon has a mail slot at his front door, so you may drop off your envelope at any time.

3. Download your Garage Sale Permit Application form. Go to dallascityhall.com/departments/codecompliance/garagesale/Pages/default.aspx and find the application in the lower left of the garage sale page.

4. Get your Garage Sale Permit. Carry the permit application, along with a copy of a recent water bill to verify your home address, to the Skillman-Southwestern Branch of the Dallas Public Library to get your sale permit issued. If you have not had another garage sale at your address during the past 12 months, your permit fee will be $0.00, but if this will be your second garage sale within the past 12 months, then your permit fee will be $25.00. (You MUST have your permit at your sale to show if Code Compliance comes calling on Saturday.)

5. Sell, sell, sell.

You may open your sale and close your sale at any time you wish. Your permit may cover from Friday through Sunday, but the Flash Mob signs will be up only on Saturday. Volunteers will put the signs up before sunup, and they will take them down after sundown. Some shoppers will begin arriving, looking for our sales, very early Saturday morning, and some will continue shopping, trying to make every sale, very late in the afternoon.

In the case of slightly wet weather, we will hold the Flash Mob sale as planned. In case of a total washout, we will postpone to the next Saturday (which is Mothers Day weekend.) Watch for notices as the date nears.

Everyone who responds to garagesale@mpum.com by email will be sent more current details as the sale date approaches. General announcements will also be sent out via the MPUM neighborhood email list. (Click here to join the MPUM email list.)

Address all questions to garagesale@mpum.com.

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