MPUM Recycle Day: Every Thursday

blueCart-ADallas uses a “single stream” method of collecting recyclable materials, which makes it very easy for you. You may place all plastic containers that bear the recycling symbol into your big blue roll cart. Most paper materials, metal containers and glass bottles also go into the same roll cart.

Some items NOT welcomed in this system:

  • aluminum foil and foil food containers
  • plastic bags, such as grocery bags and newspaper wrappers (most grocery stores accept plastic bags from any source.)
  • clothing or other fabrics (clothing donations can be dropped off at the Goodwill Industries trailer on Mockingbird Lane at Abrams Road — SE section — and other charities accept used clothing.)
  • wood
  • wire clothing hangers (most dry cleaners accept these for recycle.)
  • waxed cardboard packages
  • pizza boxes



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