Neighborhood Association Officers

Merriman Park/University Manor Neighborhood Association officers and chairpersons are residents of MPUM who take an interest in our neighborhood.

Officially, officers are elected by the association’s membership, and chairpersons are appointed by the president. Actually, officers and chairpersons, alike, are simply the people who are available and willing to assume the offices and responsibilities. There are no political campaigns to mount, no cliques to join, no bosses to bribe. If you want to take part — if you want to be a big fish in our little pond — all you need to do is come to the neighborhood activities and join in with what’s going on.

New faces and new ideas are always needed and welcomed. You could be the perfect person to help guide our association through this new century.

Our current elected officers:
President Bill Haughton
Vice President Doug Mahy
Treasurer Leanne Mamer
Secretary Barbara Hansen
Our current appointed chairs:
Crime Watch Donna Mason
Expanded Neighborhood
Patrol (ENP)
Donna Mason
Volunteers In Patrol (VIP) Charley Ramirez
Zoning Rick Webber
Pets Lisa Lipton
Beautification Dottie Giesler
Neighborhood Historian Rose Blatch
Communication Donna Mason
Membership and Safety Robert Giesler
Newsletter, Website
and Facebook
Gordon Cathey

Annual Neighborhood Dues

Help Reduce Random Crime