Neighborhood Association Membership


If you are an adult either residing in or owning residential property within the Merriman Park/University Manor neighborhood, you are automatically a member of the Merriman Park/University Manor Neighborhood Association. This is your neighborhood, where your neighbors make personal investments in improving and enhancing the environment for you and your family.

Voluntary dues are only $25 per household per year. Additional donations are gratefully accepted and appreciated. (Donations are not tax deductable.)

Your neighborhood association dues are used to maintain the neighborhood entrances, to ensure that local commercial development doesn’t conflict with our interests, to maintain the charm and appeal of our community, to produce and distribute our neighborhood newsletter and other information flyers, to pay some of the the expenses of our Volunteers In Patrol program, and to finance other activities for our community. We will be financing some landscaping improvements along Northwest Highway and the Flag Pole Hill Trail.

Our association was founded in 1978, and it has long been one of the more active neighborhood associations in the Dallas area.



If you haven’t paid your dues please refer to the right-hand column for our extremely easy how-to-pay.

Paid up or not, you are always invited to attend all community meetings and activities and to take part in helping to keep our beautiful neighborhood such a great place to live and raise families. Many of our activities are purely social, where we all get to know our neighbors better. But MPUM didn’t get to be such a nice neighborhood by accident, so some of our meetings are quite serious, dealing with tough issues and problems that we face together as a community. Your personal participation in all neighborhood activities is important to your neighbors.

Pay by Check

Make your check in the amount of $25 payable to “MPUM” and mail it to MPUM, P.O. Box 821733, Dallas, TX 75382. Or save a little postage by dropping your check into the drop-box on Donna Mason’s front porch at 7412 Fenton Drive. Donations are accepted and appreciated. Note: Donations are not tax deductible.

Pay by PayPal

paypal-logoWe are now accepting online PayPal payments, however, the annual amount will increase to $26 to offset the PayPal fees imposed on MPUM. To pay using PayPal, just click the appropriate button below.

Pay Your Annual Dues ($26.00) with PayPal



Make a Donation to Our Association with PayPal. (A small percentage of your donation will be retained by the PayPal fee. All the rest will go to the MPUM Neighborhood Association’s operations fund.)


Note: Donations are not tax deductible.